Bank of Binary Review

Here is a brokerage company in which investors can have a greater degree of confidence, and we proceed to explain the reasons for this first statement.

Banc de Binary is a Cyprus-based brokerage company specializing in binary options, but it also has facilities in the financial heart of New York, right in the middle of Wall Street. However, all companies that trade on capital markets that have facilities in the United States of America are subject to the strict control of the Securities Market Commission there, having to follow very strict rules in their relations with their clients.

An investor client who feels defrauded can follow up a complaint to this financial authority agent who can withdraw the broker’s work permits and forcing it to heavy fines. This is a fact that can make potential investors feel more relaxed when they put their money in their Banc de Binary accounts, to be invested.

Cautions to be taken when trading binary options

Obviously, what has been said above implies that the investor must always be very careful when it comes to investing in markets and products with high financial risk. And binary options carry a high risk because the probabilities of winning or losing are 50%, that is, they are what is called an all-or-nothing product, either you win everything or you lose everything.

This is one of the most obvious precautions, the other precaution to be taken, and it is precisely this reason that almost all investor complaints have to do with the acceptance of bonuses.

It is very good for an investor to look at his account after having deposited a certain amount, and find there another 30 or 40 or 50% of the money he deposited, because if the investor accepts this bonus, he is implicitly accepting the following rules for collecting earnings. Generally these rules have to do with the amounts to be deposited before you can withdraw any winnings.

In our opinion, and so that there are no further doubts, the best thing is for the investor to just use his own money to invest, to buy up or down binary options positions.

This way you won’t have any problems with Banc de Binary, and your investor/broker relationship can be very productive.

Before starting to trade with Banc de Binary, what should I do?

Before starting any trading or account opening, the investor must read the most important pages of the site, which are the pages referring to business regulation issues and the Terms and Conditions, from there, he will be free to start trading.