OptionBit Review

Optionbit is it worth investing with them?

On the internet there are several trading platforms in binary options and therefore investors or potential investors must be aware of all the news and information about these companies.

Companies like Optionbit, one of the online binary options brokers, always have many opinions for and against them from investors happy for having doubled their investment or unhappy for having lost the money they invested.

But in trading in the securities market, this is what happens every day to thousands of investors, some lose and others win, this is a liberal market full of risks.

How to rate OptionBit

An investor must first of all be aware of what can happen in the capital market, which is why risk investments are often spoken of as if they were a gamble. A bet is always a matter of luck and chance.

In order to make a correct assessment of what is a good or bad online broker, the potential investor must then check several factors that govern the activity of this broker.

One of the most important factors has to do with money management, the account that will be opened at this brokerage and the deposit and withdrawal methods, as it is from here that all trades will be made.

All or almost all online brokers have policies for offering bonuses or demo accounts, so the investor must read all the information very well and especially the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies of each of the sites.

Many of the doubts that arise when raising gains, or claiming losses are described on these pages that many click as read, despite not having the patience to go through all the paragraphs.

Well, analyzing the optionbit platform and website, we can say that in terms of professionalism, design and ease of navigation, it is a very well-made platform, with all the information necessary for an investor to feel comfortable trading through them.

However, the investor has to pay close attention to the bonus policy he receives, as they may imply some difficulty later in withdrawing the money earned on binary options investments. It can be very nice to receive a bonus of up to 35% of the deposit, but after winning, only being able to withdraw the money won after making a deposit or investments that reach 10 times the bonus amount.

However, these are the rules established by optionbit in its terms and conditions, which unfortunately are not translated into Portuguese on the website dedicated to the Portuguese-speaking market.